Fundraising & Sponsorship

The Club really couldn’t exist without sponsorship and fundraising.

Over the last few years there have been many events to raise funds for the club from Bingo nights to sponsored walks, car washes and a Burns night party.

The Tournament last summer raised over £1000, UltraWarm the main sponsor  were fantastic  with donations and help on the day and many other companies helped a lot  by placing £100 adverts in the program.

The money raised  helps with the day to day running of the club; items such as line marking paint and the pitch hire fees we pay to the Parish council (£700 this season).

The money raised also helped us to keep our club fees at a reasonable cost by giving us enough money to buy new equipment for all teams (balls, bibs and cones.) We have also sent four coaches on their FA level one Coaches course which cost almost £500.

The companies who have sponsored the club over the last few years have kept our players in tracksuits, water proof jackets and football kits.  Such as C.S.Electrical, Devizes Fire Protection and others.

Last year we ran a sponsorship raffle many local companies gave us £100 in hope there ticket was the one pulled out to be the company logo on our shirts. This was won by ATAC. Due to this raffle we now have the same kit throughout the club a big thank you goes to all the companies that took part.

We are always looking for new ideas for fundraising events if any of you have a great idea  or you think this is a good cause to give to please let us know using the Contact Us page on this website.